Whale Watching Virginia Beach, Amazing Holiday

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Whale Watching Virginia Beach

Amazing Holiday, whale watching virginia beach. We like to believe that whales like hanging out from our oceans during the warmer seasons since it is their home away from your home. After the chill of the polar areas, where they invest the vast majority of the time throughout the remaining weeks of this year, has to be too much to endure, they come see us and who could blame them? You may join in on the fun on a few of the many whale-watching cruises offering chances to observe these creatures first hand. You never know what you may see, so ensure your camera is always prepared!

Whale Watching Virginia Beach, Follow our trip

Because whales migrate based on air and water temperatures, it is hard to ascertain the ideal time to get whale-watching. Even though the prime months for sightings are generally January and February, whales are seen in massive amounts as early as December. Give the Virginia Aquarium a telephone to find out if they have seen any snakes nevertheless. It is a fact that if they have been spotted for this season, you are more inclined to see them in a trip — they prefer to hang around with each other!

Come experience a memorable excursion to see amazing views of the world’s biggest and most exquisite marine mammals. Our knowledgeable captain and crew will direct you on an educational trip across the Atlantic shore seeking whales, seals, dolphins, and many species of creatures. Captain Jump, our regional whale whisperer, has 30+ years of experience inspecting our coastal waters and is guaranteed to provide you and your loved ones the experience of a life. 

All our ships are ADA compliant, outfitted with 2 baths, a snack bar, a complete bar, a heated indoor cottage with comfy chairs, and possess a spacious upper deck that’s ideal for seeing Virginia’s magnificent wildlife. We can guarantee you this isn’t a trip that you would like to miss! So come on down and experience the very best of Virginia’s marine wildlife together with us in Rudee Tours.

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The Information

Please telephone to confirm trip occasions.

Our routine Whale Watching schedule runs Saturday 12/30/17 during Sunday, 3/11/18:

We’ll also be operating on Holiday Monday’s:


Guaranteed Sightings

While Whales are crazy creatures, we’re so confident in our skills and team, we provide a 100% assurance to people taking our excursions aboard the Rudee Flipper December through February 15th! We’re the only firm in Virginia Beach who will provide anything! If you do not find any snakes, then you are able to ride FREE!

Most Expertise About The Water

Not only has our Captain been operating with Rudee Tours for 30 decades, our Mates have over 25 decades of expertise aboard the Rudee Flipper combined. Each team member undergoes extensive training which includes everything from learning about our flipper-add buddies to complete ocean and ship safety.

Whale Watching Virginia Beach

Getting located several hundred yards within the Inlet in the Atlantic Ocean, you’re looking for dolphin within 3 minutes prior to leaving the dock aboard the Rudee Flipper. Our place is possibly the best place in all Virginia Beach, and is also the sole Inlet like it around the entire East Coast! As you can see, We’re docked in the Virginia Beach Fishing Center along with the Largest Charter Fishing Fleet around the East Coast. Our fishing buddies believe in our mission and dedication into the sea, so they not just often ride together with us, however, also send any sightings which they might see, simply to make sure we direct you to the creatures as fast as possible. whale watching virginia beach groupon

While the Rudee Flipper is our principal whale and dolphin watching ship, we’re fortunate enough to have several ships that are conducted by as experienced Captains and Crews to help make sure that we never need to turn anybody away. All our ships are inspected yearly and updated as necessary. Each vessel has a climate controlled indoor cottage, is fully ADA licensed, are multi-level ships, and when within the cottage there’s a 360-degree perspective of this water so that you do not need to miss a thing!

The Rudee Flipper would like to make sure that all our passengers feel right at home on the water and have whatever they might desire right at the tip of the hands. Whether you would like to enjoy a cold adult beverage (do not forget to bring your ID! ) ) While viewing the dolphin play or need to obtain a memento to remember the excursion, the Rudee Flipper has it all within the climate controlled cabin. whale watching va beach

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Many people in Virginia Beach expect to find whales during their holiday, based on Kari Journigan, a spokeswoman for the hotel town’s convention and visitors bureau., however, they will need to plan ahead of time and hope for great winter weather. If you cannot organize your visit to Virginia Beach with great winter weather, then consider comparable other actions, such as dolphin watching or sea biking throughout the summer months.

Time Frame

Whale watching can just occur throughout the winter months, generally December through March, according to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center site. This is only because humpback and fin whales just cease by Virginia Beach’s Chesapeake Bay as they migrate to the northern countries and occasionally Canada, based on Jungian.


At the 2009 whale watching season, proposed boating excursions were not able to venture out into the water because of unusually severe winter weather,” said Journigan. Similar weather always is an issue for excursions to Virginia Beach in the winter. Additionally, remember that visiting a whale is not answered on a boat excursion, even if the weather is excellent. But, Journigan notes that roughly 80 percent of people who engaged in whale watching boat excursions in preceding seasons saw at least one whale throughout their excursion.

Whale Watching Virginia Beach

Sights and Sounds

Throughout a whale watching boat excursion, you will probably see other sea life, such as jellyfish, and many whale and dolphin trips offer you a bingo game where you look outside for signs, piers and sea life, and markers squares so. Additionally, you may hear the looks of dolphins or whales”singing” when out in the ocean. Aquarium team members and volunteers normally walk around the ship revealing authentic dolphin bones.


Unlike some other significant tourist destinations, Virginia Beach doesn’t offer you any websites like Sea World, in which whales or marine life such as pilots is held in captivity. Your only opportunity to see whales up close would be to reserve a whale watching heavenly trip via the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, based on Jungian. As of 2010, no additional companies in the community provided whale viewing opportunities, based on Jungian.


If you can not make it to Virginia Beach during summer time, attempt dolphin watching during winter. Dolphin watching boat excursions can be found from April through October in the Virginia Aquarium & the Marine Science Center. The inclement weather is much less inclined to prevent those excursions, based on Jungian.

You also might think about a dolphin holiday trip from the Atlantic Ocean during Surf and Adventure. This locally-owned company delivers quite a few kayaking tours acceptable for all fitness levels; kids of any age are welcome with the unmarried parent. Tours consist of fundamental paddling classes and are available year round, provided that the weather cooperates.

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