Myrtle Beach To Hilton Head: Best Comparison

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Myrtle Beach To Hilton Head

In this informative article, we will compare Hilton Head vs. Myrtle Beach that will help you determine which property hot spot is ideal for you. And myrtle beach to hilton head. A lot of people dream about owning a house near the shore –a location where they can enjoy sunlight in any respect. Since Hilton Head Realtors, we help individuals find their dream homes in our Lowcountry paradise.

Myrtle Beach To Hilton Head: Let’s See our tips

For most house seekers in South Carolina, the hunt boils down to Hilton Head vs. Myrtle Beach. We acknowledge that we might be somewhat biased. But first and foremost, we are property professionals. And there is nothing we like more than seeing new homeowners locate the ideal place to begin a new stage in their own lives.

Keep reading to find out more about exactly what those tropical destinations have to offer…

The Fundamentals of Hilton Head vs. Myrtle Beach

Hilton Head

Population: 40,055

Median family income: $70,249

Owner-occupied housing unit speed: 74.8%

Myrtle Beach

Population: 32,795

Median family income: $37,023

Owner-occupied housing unit speed: 50.6%

Myrtle Beach To Hilton Head

The breakdown

Median family income is frequently a prime indicator of quality of life, and it is high in Hilton Head vs. Myrtle Beach. Also noteworthy: Myrtle Beach is considerably denser, yet fewer individuals in the region own property.

Real Estate

Hilton Head

Median cost of recorded home: $489,000

Myrtle Beach

Median cost of recorded houses: $174,900

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The breakdown

Home worth in Hilton Head is substantially greater than they’re at Myrtle Beach, as are median record prices for houses. It is essential to be aware that both home markets are extremely different. myrtle beach to hilton head bus

Hilton Head includes a sizeable luxury marketplace. When there are modest-yet-stylish beach houses on the island, you will also find lots of luxury estates and condos (some priced considerably greater than the amounts above would imply). The island’s different architectural design highlights simple elegance, mixing modern luxury with components of the natural surroundings.

Myrtle Beach is normally less expensive, and you will get a great deal of new builds in the region. Charleston Single Homes, a design that is unique to South Carolina, is among the popular home types. mapquest myrtle beach to hilton head

Myrtle Beach To Hilton Head

Hilton Head

There are lots of amazing tennis and golf clubs around the island, and we all could not fit all of them in this listing. However, the very best of the best are Harbour Town Golf Links (a class set up by award-winning developer Pete Dye) and Palmetto Dunes Tennis Club (which was rated no. 2 on the planet for events and instruction).

A number of the island’s attractions shine a spotlight on its own natural beauty. Hilton Head’s bicycle trails are a terrific way to get the lay of the land, while we maintained wildlife areas provide access to pristine Lowcountry arenas.

If you’re searching for lively stores, pubs, and restaurants, you will find them here also.

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Myrtle Beach

• Pelicans Ballpark

• Family Kingdom Amusement Park

• Myrtle Waves Water Park

Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of people every year. There is no lack of attractions, that may at times make the city feel like a gigantic playground. From amusement parks to water slides and everything in between, there is always a lot happening in the region.

Based upon your interests, highlights might contain Family Kingdom (which comes with a vast array of amusement park rides) and the Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park (in which you will discover over 30 water slides).

Much like Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach is famous for its numerous golf courses (such as most of those”miniature” variety). Though, as Golf Advisor is quick to point out, there is no path in the region which has hosted the PGA tour.

Myrtle Beach To Hilton Head


Hilton Head has a huge array of shores, and every is unique. In the white sand and enjoyable setting of Coligny Beach into the pristine appeal of Mitchelville Beach, you truly cannot fail.

The majority of the shore in Myrtle Beach is along the Grand Strand, a long stretch of shoreline that is often packed with fun-seekers. If you are eager to take a small detour, there are quieter places, such as Litchfield Beach.

Making a Determination

The Hilton Head vs. Myrtle Beach discussion has been happening for quite a while, which explains why we’ve decided to tackle it. However, to use an old expression, both areas are like apples and oranges.

Based upon your interests, Myrtle Beach might turn out to be an exciting area to see. And if you are thinking of buying property, the place is generally less expensive. Nevertheless, so far as we are concerned, the standard of lifestyle on Hilton Head can not be beat.

By Sea Pines to Long Cove, you will find stunning architecture, pristine landscapes, elite diversion, and a solid sense of community. Whether you’re searching for a holiday home or somewhere to begin another stage in your life, what more can you request?

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