How Far Is Grand Canyon From Phoenix [Best Road Trip Route]

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How Far Is Grand Canyon From Phoenix

I will to tell you About How Far Is Grand Canyon From Phoenix. On the lookout for an entirely different experience than you can get in the Grand Canyon South Rim? Below are five reasons why you need to provide the North Rim of the Grand Canyon an attempt once it opens for the summer May 15.

How Far Is Grand Canyon From Phoenix, this is it

These hints can allow you to decide which path to choose. Bear in mind that pushiness times do not include traffic slowdowns, that can be typical on Interstate 17, also ceases for gas or food.

Driving into the South Rim

The South Rim is the nearest to Phoenix and you will find 3 approaches to arrive.

1. Via Williams. To Exit 164, go north on State Route 64 into the park entrance a mile northwest of this very small town of Tusayan, that’s the nearest city to the South Rim. It is about 230 kilometers, along with a 3-hour, 40-minute drive.

2. Via Flagstaff. Turn left on U.S. 180 and drive shore to Valle, then turn right and drive north on SR 64 into the park entry. It is about 230 miles along with a four-hour drive.

3. Via Cameron. At the roundabout, head west on SR 64 into the park’s southern entrance at Desert View. This route is approximately 230 kilometers and a bit more than

4 hours of driving. However, It is another 26 miles around the winding park street to Grand Canyon Village, in which the resorts, restaurants and stores are.

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Which route is right for you?

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is your closest rim into the Phoenix and Scottsdale area and will be the hottest. The South Rim comprises resorts, lodges, restaurants and handy amenities such as an inner shuttle bus system which carries visitors to the different scenic points. how far is grand canyon from phoenix arizona

Hotels In The Grand Canyon In Arizona The Grand Canyon South Rim is approximately 230 miles north of Phoenix through I-17 North to Flagstaff. From Flagstaff, take Highway 180 shore to the canyon. Even though it can be a day trip, it could be an exhausting one in case you are likely to devote a fair period of time visiting the canyon. It’ll be enjoyable spending the night in a South Rim resort or among those many Flagstaff hotels.

A different way to appreciate your Grand Canyon trip is carrying the Grand Canyon Railroad from Williams, Arizona that is about 35 kilometers west of Flagstaff along Interstate 40. No matter which course you choose or how long you may remain, as you’re seeing Arizona, the Grand Canyon South Rim is a must-see. The views throughout the canyon are magnificent. And in case you’ve got the time, think about some character hikes or possibly a mule ride across the narrow sided cliffs towards the base of the canyon.

How Far Is Grand Canyon From Phoenix

The South Rim is open annually.

Phoenix is just a couple of hours away from among the world’s seven natural wonders, The Grand Canyon. As among the nation’s most-visited attractions, Arizona presents several alternatives for simple transport into the wonderful national park.

In the soul of accessibility that is easy, we provide several useful resources that include strategies for travel from Phoenix to attractions that are nearby.

Check out these helpful tips for travel to The Grand Canyon.

Just how far is your Grand Canyon out of Phoenix?

The Grand Canyon is enormous, so it’s separated into two regions: the South Rim and the North Rim. The South Rim is closest to our Phoenix Heers Management possessions, about 230 miles off when traveling north on I-17 through Flagstaff.

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What parts can you choose when driving?

Route 1: Get on the I-17 North by moving east on any significant street in the West Valley apartment complex. From there, choose the U.S. 180 shore to the Grand Canyon. This really is the most immediate choice.

Route 2: Take this course in summer time when the streets become crowded. This apparently longer path may help save time in the long term. Still take I-17 from Phoenix, but pass Flagstaff. Turn left out of there, and then take Arizona 64 around to Tusayan.

Route 3: This is the panoramic route alternative through Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Employing I-17 from Phoenix, depart 179 to journey through the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona. Out of here, you may take Arizona 89A around Flagstaff.

Whichever course you choose, you may encounter a mythical transition from hot desert landscapes to cool pine tree woods. how far is grand canyon from phoenix airport

Which public transport choices are available?

Airplane: You can decide on a one-hour flight.

Railroads: you’ll have to go to Flagstaff to journey, but you’ve got two choices: Amtrak (the National Railroad Passenger Corporation) or Grand Canyon Railway.

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