Best Small Towns In Virginia, Lots Of Beautiful Places

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Best Small Towns In Virginia

We will to tell you about best small towns in virginia. Launched as a colony of the London Business in 1607, Virginia has among the richest histories in the USA. Virginia can be geographically diverse, with a low-lying bay region, a plains area, and also a mountainous area. The very best way to experience Virginia’s rich history and diverse geography is via its little cities: here is or direct to 10 of the very best.

Best Small Towns In Virginia, here are the beautiful places

Best Small Towns In Virginia


An ancient town whose website has been created from the explorer Daniel Boone from the 1770s, Abingdon is the best historic setting to get a quaint weekend escape. The Main Street is lined with buildings and houses that date back to 1779 and Abingdon is residence to the Barter Theater, where theatre patrons can nevertheless barter for a ticket.


The city of Chincoteague became renowned by Marguerite Henry’s children’s biochemistry for Chincoteague’, that has been made into a movie in 1961. The narrative focuses on the Chincoteague wild ponies located on the neighboring Assateague Island. Now, this quaint fishing community is the best place from which to see the wild ponies and experience island living.

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Besides rich historic sites and monuments, Lexington is also home to many well-known farm-to-table restaurants.


Situated in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, Smithfield is best known for treating and generating Smithfield Ham. Now, so as to be considered a’Smithfield Ham’, a ham has to be processed inside the city limits. Along with flavorful ham, people to Smithfield can appreciate the city’s historic, Victorian houses.

Best Small Towns In Virginia


Culpeper is located less than one hour from three desired cities: Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, and Washington, DC. It’s readily reachable by train, using a channel in the middle of the historical downtown district. Culpeper is dotted with Victorian and Colonial houses, galleries, stores, and restaurants.


Middleburg, Virginia includes a well-deserved standing as’ The Country’s Horse and Hunt Capital.’ The city center is recorded in the National Register of Historic Districts and is currently home to the Red Fox Inn, the oldest construction in Middleburg. A number of the planet’s wealthiest men and women maintain their horses near Middleburg, and the city is dotted with luxury stores. best small towns in virginia to live in


Initially called Port Scarborough, Onancock premiered in 1680. Onancock is situated on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and was formerly a regular stop for steamboats carrying freight to Norfolk or even Baltimore. The city is surrounded by the four branches of Onancock Creek, and people often enjoy winding beyond the Victorian beachfront homes that extend into the Chesapeake Bay.

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Situated in Highland County, the village of Monterey is connected into the top Shenandoah Valley only across the Bull Pasture and Shenandoah mountains in Staunton. Monterey is ripe for market tourism, with lovely country houses, old churches, local hiking trails, as well as also the yearly Highland Maple Festival, that takes place every March. best small towns in virginia to visit


The city hosts several annual festivals, such as Lakefest every July and the Clarksville Wine Festival every April. The city is filled with stores, restaurants, as well as some nightlife.

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