Recover Your Google Position With The Help Of A Local SEO Agency

Getting to page one of Google takes patience, dedication and consistency but some may try to get there quicker and cheaper than the rest by deploying out dated, cheap and downright bad SEO techniques. Some time they work but given enough time they will always result in a drop in organic position. This is rarely down to the business’s fault but is likely due to bad advice or simply a case of no SEO work being conducted for years at a time. SEO is like every type of marketing, if you stop doing it then you will stop getting results in the long run… But unlike like most marketing types SEO can’t then be quickly fixed to rectify drops in revenue and traffic.

Our friends over at the Teckle Digital Agency have expertise in helping local businesses in Edinburgh by rectifying these issues with their highly sought after penalty recovery package which is aimed at businesses who have suffered a large drop in positions due to bad SEO previously or a manual penalty applied from Google. They also claim to have a 100% record for all businesses they have helped, making them not only an option but the ONLY option if your business is suffering from a manual penalty. Simply put it not a case of luck when it comes to rectifying SEO problems, it’s a case of fixing every single issue and building a solid foundation again.

Being a leading SEO agency in Edinburgh, Teckle Digital have helped many client with general digital marketing, web design and even a little bit of Game development (from which they won a national Award!).

If you are in need of digital marketing or SEO advice then you can contact the team at