Getting fit and ghost chasing in Edinburgh

For a while now I have been looking to get fitter, thinner and overall just healthier. Like everyone though I have been too busy doing nothing. Something in my head has clicked, likely its my age being almost 30 with poor fitness, back pain and a very large belly. Now I am looking to get fit with the help of a personal trainer in Edinburgh and my passion for all things paranormal. As you can tell, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. In other words one of the most haunted cities on the planet! So there is no excuse for me to not increase my walking and general activity levels out with doing workouts. So I have thought why not mix my passion for the paranormal with my goal of getting fit!

Personal Training to lose weight

So the main goal is to get fitter, lose weight and simply enjoying being active. Being at University for a few years and living the student lifestyle has well and truly caught up with me so now it’s time to get in shape. I have a long road ahead of me considering how much weight I have put on and how much I want to lose over the next 6 to 12 months. Step one was to find a good, reliable personal trainer here in Edinburgh which I did find, with Trillium Fitness!

My trainer has me looking after my diet and also working out. Everything from cardio to weight training, although I don’t feel as though I am the most unfit person on the planet it has been a struggle but overall I do feel better after each workout.

I will be honest I work long days at a computer, being a blogger and all. So my diet is terrible, I often find myself eating the wrong things. I have to admit though I don’t feel as though I eat too much, I really do just eat too much of that bad stuff… It’s a pity I don’t like salads as much as I do Oreo cookies!

How I used to travel

Before this light bulb moment when I decided to get fit I used to travel by public transport most days and I would even jump on the ghost bus tour in Edinburgh just to get my ghost fix while also relaxing! Lazy or what?!

Now though I walk to work most days and even walk home on the days that I get the bus in the morning. It has played havoc with my feet and legs as I am in now used to this amount of activity but it’s the pain that you have when you know its progress – the good soreness.


Overall my progress has been OK, I always want to see bigger gains and more weight lost each week but overall things are going in the right direction!

Anyway, that is enough for the fitness and health stuff for now! Have a spooky day! 🙂