Auto locksmith in Edinburgh & Glasgow

Recently I lost my car keys when I was on a trip to Glasgow, what a nightmare!

After a frantic hour of retracing my steps I had to succumb to the idea they were lost forever, now I had to find a locksmith to deal with the problem I had. Thankfully there is an auto locksmith in Glasgow, KG Key services, who are considered one of the best locksmiths in Scotland. All I can say is they are life savers for many drivers who have lost their keys! The service they offer will help you unlock your car and provide you with new keys for your car without having to have your car taken to a garage.

Lost Your Car Keys

According to KG Key services, they help many drivers in Glasgow and Edinburgh who have broken or lost their keys. They can cover almost all makes and models of vehicles which mean no matter what you drive KG should be at the top of your list of auto locksmiths. They actually have a large stock of car remote and key fobs which they can supply and program to your vehicle. Some of the makes they cover are Ford, Vauxhall, Citroen but they also cover many more!

KG Key Services are based in Airdrie and have an office in Glasgow.They also have an auto locksmith Edinburgh office meaning they cover the whole stretch of the central belt and into areas like Fife and Midlothian. With over 25 years of experience being auto locksmiths they provide both reliability and high standards, not to mention cheap prices.